Today in this highly competitive world, it is really difficult to promote your product. Marketing has really became a challenging task. But most of us think that good promotion of a medium app will make it hit. May be it’s true, but it’s not applicable in long run…Even if you have marketed good for the average app and your product is selling at a very high rate but you will be unable to create a brand, which really matters a lot for your future products.

After developing a great app, what we should do???

In this blog we will discuss HOW FACEBOOK CAN HELP MARKETER

Facebook: one of the most popular social Networking site is having over 750 million active users and 50% of them logging in at any given day, I think it’s a big achievement. So, if you are a marketer or owning a business it is really essential for you to know how to market on Facebook. This post may help you some insights and tools that Facebook has for you to leverage and market your network marketing business online.

Following are the some points which can a marketer creating a business:

Profile Page:











Profile page: starting point is basically a landing page or the most important page that you design in order to convert your friends to engage, or in terms of business you can say that it is a page place where you can most deeply and authentically express your passion for the brand, company, or product you own or want to promote. Always have your Personal Info, Work Info, Photos, and applications to tell your brand.

Note : Try to to associate your personal identity with the product or service you’re trying to promote, if you are not doing this then, Facebook is not for you.

Facebook Groups/ Pages:











Groups are one of the oldest and simplest ways to do viral marketing on Facebook. If you want to create central place for customers,partners and friends for advertising your new applications then creating a group will be good for you as group is a place where everyone can have conversation around your brand. Through groups you can also easily send news and updates to your group members as often as you like.

Pages are more customizable as compared to groups. User can add HTML, Flash, or even Facebook applications to your pages.

Facebook Events:

Free application that anyone can use to promote marketing events, parties, or even product launches, or company milestones. A fully-featured page, much like a group, that includes a wall, discussion, photos, videos, and links.

Facebook Notes, Photos & Messages:
















Share posts and pictures with your friends through notes and photos feature. You can even use these features to post content about your brand or application, but if you do it authentically you’ll lose a lot of credibility. Try to connect with your audience through your notes and photos. Don’t try to spam every time as it will lose your audience attention and they will ignore your new updates in future which in turn will harm your business.

Messages can be a powerful vehicle for marketing on Facebook. Messages are like email on facebook, It allows you to send messages to users you have no connection with and you want to connect them.

Facebook Marketplace:

Marketplace is a good place for sale add like you want to post add on facebook page and if you want to post your product ad in multiple networks then, you have to pay $1 per network per listing. If you have really a good application then you must try this out…Sometimes it really helps a lot!

Facebook Networks:

Facebook Networks are like group pages for users to discover events, posted items and marketplace listings. You can easily participate in discussion forums and walls through facebook Network.

Mini Feed and News Feed:














Facebook’s Mini Feed and News Feed increases the engagement with the brand to their friends and networks. Facebook automatically adds a feed item to their Mini Feed when users join any group, RSVP to any event, become fans of any page, share photos, or further engage with any brand.

Above are some tips which may help you in building a good business at facebook But always remember that only a great product can run a long race !!