JS Developer Needed for Small Web Based Cooking Game. How Much Will It Be Cost?

When you come up with any dame development idea then first concern appear as the cost involved in the development. Game development has become a hotbuzz corner in the industry with so many opportunities. The game development depends upon various factors. As the game graphics, graphic content, coding and plot development consumes up to 93% of the allocated budget. Thus, only an outstanding game development company or best game developers can explain the estimation for the cost of web-based cooking games on surface basis.

Before estimating the cost to develop the web-based cooking game. You should know what are these cooking games are and what factors are needed to develop such amazing games.

What are Web-Based Cooking Games?

Basically, cooking games are simulation-based games, which require controlled time management and spirit to get more engaged with the game for longer. The game demands highly sensitive graphics and animations which is the complexity and an obvious factor to decide the cooking game development cost. Moreover, these games are needed to be played on the web platform, you should look for a cocos creator developer who is proficient with all JavaScript and frameworks supporting the web platforms. You must also look up for a mobile game development company that can support your cooking game with all the basic factors required for your game development.

What Elements Are Consuming the Budget for Web-Based Cooking Game Development?

High-class animated graphics of the game.

Here, the game artists from the best mobile game development company need to create such animated characters that stand out in the competition in one go. As the game is simulation-based then it will need an environment where they must have illustrations of food items, stoves and upgrade processes, etc.

The designing of such high-quality visuals generally uses approx 65% of the whole game development time, which consumes a major part of your budget.

Coding and game optimization

To enhance the ultimate user experience, cocos creator developers create an algorithm that places the colors to the black and white graphics which has already consumed up to 400% fewer GPU resources, and create images accordingly.

When it comes to programming the code, the mobile game developers have two alternatives can either the native approach or separate code base for iOS/Android or prefer cross-platform game development solutions like unreal engine or unity. For your game, the best game development company must approach the native case and come up with Cocos2D game development. This will take 35% of the development of your project timeline which will another part of your budget.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Simulation Games as Web-Based Cooking Games?

As the best mobile game developers suggest that modern simulation of the game needs certain levels of challenges or strategies in its game elements, which makes the game engaging in the long run.

The game development costs mostly cover the expenses of coding the game with the best mobile game developers, the artwork, graphics design, and sounds. Moreover, the cost depends upon the size and complexity of the game development.

If a casual game like the cooking game is a small size game that is created by the best game development company in the USA, then it will cost $10,000 to $50,000, inferring to the expectations and complexities of the game.

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