Want more traffic to your blog?

Pinterest recent growth is amazing. According to analysis Pinterest has grown at a very vast rate since May 2011. Many blogs are using Pinterest to drive traffic and build engagement. It not only drives traffic but also boost performance on search engines like yahoo, bing and google, as pins to the posts are do-follow links..

Based on some real examples and analysis, I have summarized tips to get more traffic to your blog through Pinterest. 

 Share a Lot of Content

Pinterest is all about sharing latest trends and culture..So best ways to promote your blog is to pin a lot of images onto your boards.  Share both your own content and content from other people. Always aim to create content-rich boards, so that people easily understand what you are pinning.

If you have good boards that are followed by people who regularly view and share your pins, you can boost your blog traffic by pinning posts from your own blog. Try to share your knowledge, just don’t try to market, so make sure you pin content from your blog and other blogs together on the same board so your pins will seem more credible and clickable.

Create Taller Images

In a recent study, Dan Zarrella shows that taller images get more pins and repins.

Focus on creating taller images. You need to create taller images in genera either by image elongation or by stretching images wherever possible.

Add Images to Every Post

According to Pinterest policy a blog post can be pinned onto a board on Pinterest only if it has at least one image on it. This image should also be a minimum size of 110 x 100 pixels. If there are no images on your blog post or if the images aren’t big enough, you won’t be able to pin the post. So try to add at least one image to every post to make your post more viral and visible.

Add Default Images to the Entire Blog

If you are having difficulty in adding images to every pin then,  add default images to your blog that will be visible on every page and post. This will solve your problem of image less post and if your post doesn’t have an image or if you forget to add the image, you can always be sure that one image on your posts can always be pinned. This image could be on your blog sidebar, header or footer.

Hope you enjoy reading this article and will follow our tips to increase traffic to your blogs…:)