Have developed a great app?? but not getting good downloads??? getting average downloads but not getting reviews and ratings on that…tried many marketing tricks but they are not working even?? So what to do next??

Rating and reviews are really important part of Mobile Marketing(ASO). I guess all of us have their app on Android Market. But still not able to increase ratings and reviews of our apps. After lot of analysis and experience, I got some points to share: even we are having average downloads why we are not getting ratings and reviews. It”s because people don”t get attracted towards the ratings/reviews section, while some of them forget to do. So for that I tried some tricks.. Today, in this article I will discuss this and will share my experience and analysis.

  1. First and most important factor for getting good reviews and ratings is to develop good app. You must always try to develop unique and fresh ideas, as copying someone else idea can be a hit for some time but it can”t take you to the heights. So, if you want to get success in any field always try to have new and fresh ideas which pumps out with creativity and uniqueness.
  2. Want to share one of my experience, from which I learned 1) importance of reviews and ratings in mobile marketing and 2) how to increase it. When we started working on Android Market, we developed , which became a big hit and we got 10,000 downloads in 10 days only, but ratio of reviews and ratings was very low, it was like only 20- 30 people has given their reviews and ratings.


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So, we tried to motivate people for adding their reviews and ratings on our app. For that, we followed some simple steps, which I would like to share with the readers:

  • We requested users in the app description like : Please add your precious comments/reviews to our app to motivate us for future developments.
  • Added review pop up box : Would you like to Rate this app ??. Remember pop up box should not annoy or irritate user while playing or using your app. To avoid this you can have “Rate this app” pop up box after some stages of game, for e.g. your game has 6 levels, you can have “Rate this app ” pop up box 2 times, one after 2 level as most of the user will reach 2nd level, and other after 5th level, as only few people will reach 5th level so it will not annoy them. But settings must be like if the user rate you app once, he/she must not get the pop up again.

So, above points not only helped us in increasing ratings and reviews on “Love at Night Live Wallpaper” by 5- 10 % but has increased the rate of downloads even. As many people consider ratings and reviews before installing the app.

Apart, from this always try to have awesome idea with correct implementation on that, so that user give good reviews and ratings. Correct implementation includes beautiful graphics, eye catching icons, well written description of the app as well as proper development. User should not get problems like force close while using your app. As it will hamper your brand name and user will not prefer to use your other apps too in future.

Hope, this will help marketers and mobile app developers discover what works with mobile app marketing!!