Do you have it in you to identify the popular faces both from the past & present

Do you have it in you to identify the popular faces both from the past and present. If you believe, you know famous celebrities from their faces then this application is a must download for you. Go on, find out and have fun. In this game , a celebrity picture will appear in the square grid along with the four options. You have to only identify the image in order to proceed to the next level.

Rules of the game :

1. At every level , there are five questions.
2. Each questions is of 5 points, correct answers adds +5 to your score whereas a negative answer results in deduction of 5 marks.
3. to proceed to the next level, one must correctly identify at last three pictures from the shown set of 5.

It is an immense fun, since it tests your memory , general knowledge, persons remembrance power and intelligence at one go.


1. Beautiful sound effects to make it more fun and entertaining.
2. The celebrities shown belongs to all classes of the society varying from actors, actresses, singers to producers, directors , from CEOs to politicians, from businessmen to socialists.
3. A beautiful and simple User Interface to enhance your experience with the application.

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