Writing and distribution of app press release is an important step that nobody wants to skip. Writing an average press release is easy, but making it really stand out is considerably harder. Your team made an awesome app and is ready to launch, you know all about your app’s key features and quality. Thus this time you need to introduced your app to the journalists, blogger and key influencer that everybody get to know about your new product going to launch in the market. But don’t ever assume that by writing a simple featuring and functioning of the app the blogger get to know about your app automatically. To grab really good attention simply sending out a press release, even if it is amazing, won’t get you the coverage you want or need for a successful launch. So what should you do?
Instead of sending bulk mails to the press release agencies you should sent out a friendly less normal email first but you should respect the standard of rules and syntax so thats it would be more easier to the reporter and blogger to scan the key points of your story. Scan your document and be sure that they will get the a good sense of what’s unique and newsworthy about your app? So you should need to be stay factual in your press release and try to avoid using marketing adjectives like “great”, “awesome”, “amazing” and so forth. Finally mention it under the page.

Finally I would like to discuss some important points for writing a good press release, which are as follows :-

> Construction of your messages :-

Get in touch with media around 2-4 weeks before you plan to launch. It need to be a quick email with a few details in. Keep it polite , write one or two sentences about your forthcoming app. These sentences like a context of your app, include link, screenshots and video so they can get more feel for it and give a brief information about your app. ( If your company is not a brand then focus on the app and try to make your description catchy and attractive but not too lengthy).

1. Complete your description by giving the correct website URL of your company and brief company information too. At the end one should give the statement about the more information or query of the app if they wished to contact and ask.

2. Finally, don’t just mass-email all your identified contacts: try to learn more about what they write and for who. Show them that you know their work. people who understand everything you’re talking about but need to spin it in a way that excites and makes sense to their audience. Unless, that is, you’ve already done most of the job for them…

> The headline is the gear, followed by a brief arbitrary, a location and a stage :-
This is gonna be really harder but a good press release is all about your attractive headline that should be unique from other that they should feel the difference and open your mail. if you can, make it captivating and try mentioning something exclusive about your product.

> Structure of your press release :-
The structure of your press release is like a pyramid. Think of the release like pyramid or triangle. The point of your app mention on the top then little wider details about the app and additional information fills out the bottom.

> Finding a niche:-
Unless you have made a great app but still it bound to be very similar to one or more apps that already exist. The fact is that however it can be identical which is where you can build your niche. Try to include the key words which helps you to differentiate your app from others.

> Time is everything :-
When you send out your press release can play a major role in its coverage chances. If it’s a LOVE or VALENTINE related app, make sure you have the release delivered by 14 February at the latest. Round-up and seasonal issues fill up quickly. If your app is more warm season focused, get more chance to get the release.

> Finally be real, be unique with the weight-age of quality :-
In the end keeping all the point in the mind your press release should be real to provide unique concept to the users with weight-age of qualitative content that by reading your press release user get inquisitive to get your app.