Topic of starting a Social Casino business has been always of interest. Launching a social casino is a very challenging task which requires depth knowledge of professional igaming software, marketing and legal aspects of the igaming business. The online gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industry of internet. More and more operators are entering into the social casino. So it’s very challenging to stay ahead and differentiate yourself from the rest. It’s a myth that social casinos, poker, bingo, teen-Patti as being extremely complicated and difficult to open. But it’s not as hard as it seems, In order to start a social casino business, you will need the following:

1. Write a Business Plan:

Before starting a social casino. You have to plan every single aspect and write down your idea how you will manage and grow your business, what will you do if common challenges emerge and included a budget for marketing campaigns. Build a strong plan that you feel that you can follow in any.

2. Gaming License:

If you want to set up a social casino business. An essential thing is choosing the jurisdiction and obtaining a license. Usually it takes a couple of months to a year to obtain a gaming license depending on the country. When selecting a jurisdiction, You must take into account the following:

  • Licensing requirement.
  • Duration of the application procedure.
  • Costs and taxes.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of obtaining a gaming license, then you can go to Social casino game which you don’t need a license to operate.

3. Casino software :

After a gaming license or choose the Social Casino, it’s time to choose a professional social casino software provider. First, you have to decide what casino software or game you will be using. Search the market and take your time to evaluate the existing options in terms of quality of services offered and price. Choose a best software provider that has a deep knowledge of the online gaming industry and have experienced in launching the successful social casino. With the experience and expertise of “Creatiosoft” professionals who are always ready to share their knowledge and provide consulting for social casino business. Creatiosoft is an India’s fastest growing social casino game Development company based in Noida. We are providing social casino game development, art production, Math’s, game design, cross Platform game development and game testing services to the gaming industry.

According to Social Casino requirements, “Creatiosoft” offers the following features:

  • An advanced game management system.
  • Bonus and promotions management system.
  • Player management system.
  • Payment options with multi-currency support.
  • Anti-fraud system.
  • Retention email system.
  • Affiliate management system.
  • Cashier system.
  • Administrator access.
  • A customization front-end.
  • A dedicated server.
  • Wide variety of games.
  • Customer support and other benefits.

Creatiosoft always take the responsibility of full technical support of your product. Try to collaborate with experienced one’s. Don’t buy a cheaper solution might result in double spending in the future.

4. Payment service provider:

When you start a social casino game, first you have to make an agreement with a payment system provider. After that your player can quickly and easily make the transactions. Players can make deposits and cash out their winnings. For player’s convenience, it’s necessary that you have provided multiple payment options such as Credit card, Bank Transfer, debit card, online transfer and other alternative payment options. Having a lot of options will help you attract more customers.

5. Budget :

It’s time to plan your budget. A good startup company sets the approx budget, at least for the first year. Don’t plan your budget after setting up the casino game, plan it before.

6. Marketing Expert :

Having a good product isn’t enough. It needs a good marketing to increase revenue. So develop a marketing strategy to let people know about your social casino game. Do research on your competitors and find out what they are doing. Show to your user’s that how you are different from the others social casino games, what unique features your casino has. Find an advertising company that works within your budget. There are lots of ways to promote your business such as SEO, print advertising, television, radio, hoardings, and online advertising. Set up promotion campaigns and bonus systems and make sure your players are always happy.