Mobile app Marketing is an important topic for mobile developers, and I’ve written a lot about Android app Marketing in my previous posts with the most popular Pre launch Android app Marketing Strategy & Post launch Android app Marketing Strategy.

My previous posts cover how to market your Android app from start to finish, and are filled with literally dozens of takeaways that you could use in promoting your Android app. If you’ve just developed an app or even if you’re just thinking about developing an app and you are worried about its marketing then this post would be good to start with.

iOS Marketing is an important topic for iOS app developers and iOS app marketers. It would be great if we get an overview of marketing steps, before diving into deep ocean of mobile app marketing.

You should know some points before starting marketing of a mobile app:

1.   Pre-Development: What to think about and do before you start working on your app. Decide some attractive and trending theme to engage more users.

2.   Launching Your App: Adopt numerous ways to grab attention before app release like through press releases or social networking sites like twitter, Pintrest, Facebook etc.

3.   Post launch Marketing: Covers how to connect with users so you can leverage your new customer base to sell more of your apps.

Definitely a brief overview, but hope you like it!!