It has become more and more important for developers and app publishers to take matters into their own hands and market their applications to increase visibility to improve downloads for their application. Thus to increase the visibility of apps there are so many factor where we need to work on. But the most important and amazing factor is the Game Name. How a game name can affect your downloads and visibility? In this article you’ll get to know about the real fact.

Discovery is one of the major challenges for any app developer regardless of platform. Being able to be found and stand out in the sea of applications is critical to success for an application. This is getting more and more difficult as more and more apps go live each day and hence high competition is occur and it become more typical for an app to get a place among top 100 apps as well.

As it happend to a newly launched game Highway Speed Racing Game. It is a racing game with the time challenge features and high speed cars. When it launched it was out of the top 100 car racing games. So it was a flop game even the user is not able to see the game as well. After some time it was decided to change the game name. This step is taken like an experiment in the marketing strategy. Then after so many research it finalised to be relaunch with the name of Mad Racer : Car racing challenge. Then later on it observed this experiment is quite successfull and game get place among top 60 racing games and it get appearance among the audience race lover and by the downloads, it gained the highest position of 15th among the other racer games, and presently this game is giving decent downloads.

Here, it need to be mentione that the name Highway Speed Racing and Mad Racer both are the good name and strong keyword. Consequently, There were some various reasons for changing the game name, finalize with “Mad Racer”:-

1. Here the both keyword Mad and Racer are good key words both keyword specially Mad keyword, is used frequently in different category.
2. In this way, noticed a good possibility that our game will pop up among 50 games, while using this name, in this category.
3. Beside that, competition is lesser than any other keyword (like highway, speed, racing etc), where we were directly using the term speed racing or car racing.
4. One more thing is that Highway Speed Racing is also a nice game name, but having a high competition, thats why gamewas struggling to be listed among top 100 games appeared with the related keyword on play store.
5. The advantage for using Mad Racer is – this keyword is shorter, In this way we got option to add more words for the ASO.

Downloading graph of Mad Racer, after changing the name