The entire HTML5 gaming industry has seen massive growth after the integration of modern technologies in game development. This experiment has given a 360-degree shift to the HTML5 game experience. The best HTML5 game development company adopted an environment that provides adaptive learning and engaging gameplay. The expert HTML5 game developers rely on different game mechanics to render such addictive gameplay. Today, most of the internet or web-based games are HTML5 games.

The HTML5 games hold the massive potential to have a wider audience than Android and iOS mobile games. Still, the revenue generation for HTML5 games is not as high as it should be.

Here, we are going to discuss how to monetize HTML5 games. Also, how to generate revenue with several channels that support HTML5 game developers to generate maximum revenue.

First, we need to define the HTML5 games.

How to generate revenue with HTML5 games?

What are the HTML5 Games?

Usually, we consider HTML5 for web pages or web apps development. Here we get everything wrong. HTML5 holds more power than HTML as it can control the behavior of a webpage. The best HTML5 game developers can use it for application development such as games for web or web apps. Thus, games built using HTML5 on a webpage are known as HTML5 games.

There are several HTML5 game on a webpage ruling on charts such as 2048, Mahjong. Bejeweld and Fieldrunners.

How To Generate Revenue With HTML5 Games?

For every business it means profit. So, we need to figure out how to draw the maximum amount as earnings from the HTML5 games. HTML5 games utilize similar resources for the best HTML5 game development as for the best Android game development. The best HTML5 game development company simply needs proper methodology and focus on factors such as marketing and game designs, etc. Thus, here are some ways that we are discussing to generate some great revenues with HTML5 games.

1. Sell Your Game On Steam

It is not that hard to get 1000 players per day HTML5 game. So, you should prefer to build a premium version of your game on Steam for $5. This way you will be easily able to convert your plain HTML5 games into a profitable business. This will almost pay 50% per day to the best HTML5 game developers.

This number is much better than the revenue from ad monetization.

How to generate revenue with HTML5 games?

2. Licensing

The licensing of any HTML5 game means the selling of rights of the website that hosts your game. There are two types of licensing

1. Exclusive HTML5 game development

The exclusive licensing basically means to sell or publish your HTML5 games to a game company exclusively. HTML5 developers get paid once without any concern for marketing or audience traffic. Hence, HTML5 game developers need to pitch suitable gaming companies that can publish their games.

2. Non-Exclusive HTML5 Game Development

Non-exclusive HTML5 game development does not require any pitching or selling of your ideas. Here, HTML5 game developers need to develop their game and then distribute it on multiple portals or marketplaces such as CodeCanyon, MarketJS, etc. The expert HTML5 game development company can generate revenue using in-game video ads or sticky ads. Here, earnings will be heavily dependent upon the traffic generated for the game. The HTML5 game design and gameplay also play a major role in improving traffic.

3. Creating an HTML5 Game Portal

We have already discussed the development, marketing, licensing, and distribution of HTML5 games. However, we still need a better platform where HTML5 game development companies can host these games. Game development companies can create a portal of their own. Also, they can invite others as well to host their games. The game development company can charge a commission based on their ad revenue.

There are several ads companies but the most reliable one is Google Adsense.

4. In-Game Purchases

There are several games that are available for free of cost but we urge players to purchase in-game. These purchases can include boosters, extra coins, chips, or anything else you need to fasten the game. These in-game purchases are the best business model for the mobile game development industry.

Before opting for any of the above options, HTML5 game development companies must go through in-depth market research. This helps in understanding the minds of the audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can HTML5 be used to create real-time multiplayer games?

Yes, we can make real-time and networked games (multiplayer games) using HTML5 game engines like Cocos2DJS, Phaser, etc.

2. Can you develop social games using HTML5?

Yes, we can and we have developed various social games like 3 matching and Puzzle games using the HTML5 engine.

3. What genres of HTML5 game development services do you offer?

We offer a variety of HTML5 game development services which comprises casino game development (Slots), card game development (Poker, Rummy, etc), casual game development, hypercasual game development, board game development, puzzle game development & many more using our advanced game engines

4. Which framework do you prefer for HTML5 Game Development?

We have a wide range of experts who work on the framework Phaser, PixiJS & Cocos2dJS.

5. What technologies do you prefer to do multiplayer game development?

We prefer using Cocos2D, PixiJS, Phaser, HTML5, MEAN/ MERN Stack, Web Socket, Photon, NodeJS & MongoDB for HTML5 game development.

6. How to contact Creatiosoft for an HTML5 game development project?

You can discuss your HTML5 game idea with us. You can talk it over a phone call or WhatsApp at +91-8860912115 or send an email directly to [email protected] Else you may fill the Contact Us form.

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