The Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) is a global pandemic that has affected the entire globe in various manner. It has affected the lives and livelihood severely for the people across the sphere we all live in. Europe, UK and USA are the heavily affected countries with this rare virus, where every country is looking forward for every possible step to limit the virus outspread by limiting the every means of social interactions. When government has planned to shut all social venues for months. This will include restaurants, bars, gyms, malls, bingo halls, game zone, casinos and many more. Every decision has its own decree, by closing all land based casino is facing ultimately huge dent in profits and revenue in gaming industry. But what is land based casino, how the land based casino game is heavily affected in this disaster and how will it cope up?

What are land based casinos and online casino Game?

Land based casinos are basically a place where people visit and play with other players at the table. They are also know as brick and mortar casinos. There are some casinos who are functioning over the mix of land based and online casinos. They also include the combination of bars, restaurants and hotel rooms with various casino games. Meanwhile, online casinos are the platform where players can play at their home devices like mobile phones, computers or PCs from anywhere and anytime.

Why Players are Choosing Online Casino Game over Land-based Casino ?

The popularity of online casinos is on rise since mid-90’s, eventually attracting more players today than ever before. This very iGaming industry has covered a long journey from novice to accomplished version. With fast-evolving technology development, this online casino gaming has evolved with improved regulations and control agencies. Both online and land based casinos are evolving by the time, but online casino games have appeared to be more flexible and adaptive to the changes while land-based casinos have remained the same.

The online casino games are more comfortable, safe, secure, customized to the modern mediums with great graphics, animations and clear audio giving a realistic experience. Amidst the outspread of novel COVID-19 across the globe, when everyone is seeking for social distance, players are approaching online casino games.

For now, Land-based casinos are closed for time being but online casinos are always available. If the lockdown measures continue for a longer period of time, we will see the surge increase in online casino games business.

In how many months online casino will gain business?

As we all are witnessing the unavailability of land-based casinos on the street of across the world, it won’t be wrong to think that online casino games are will thrive their business in the shorter time, it will take at least few months. As a robust industry, online casinos are expected to see an increase in traffic as a result of the virus. As the people are bored and stressed. In Pennsylvania, the USA, the iGaming industry has generated the $300 million approx $91% profit stakes. The online casino games have generated $5 million as gross revenue during this global pandemic.

According to the US analysts, the online casinos will grow valuable and profitable in the coming days.

What kind of online casino games are present?

There are various online casino games can be present in casino games such as:-

  • Roulette

Roulette is a type of casino game with a ball placed on a revolving wheel with numbered slots, players have to bet the number, at which number the ball will land or stop.

  • BlackJack

BlackJack is a type of casino game also known as twenty-one and the most frequently played casino game in the world. In this game the player needs to collect as many cards as to reach the 21 points by not exceeding it than the totaling higher than the dealer.

Bingo is a casino game where players mark the numbers on the cards, and the numbers are drawn out randomly by a caller, the players whose all numbers are being called out first, is declared as the winner.

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Poker is also a casino based card game where a player bets and prepares the pot on the basis of the hand by the cards dealt to him and flop decides the winning hand.

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Slots is a set of reels with various types of symbols. The winner is declared on the basis of positions of the symbols on the reels.

It is evidently important to understand that if we fail to control the spread of the virus, then it will ultimately affect the overall aspects of the growing economy, which includes the gaming industry. With the future predictions, ensure the social distancing and control over the spread of coronavirus as soon as possible. In this crucial time and as aftermath effects online casino industry will score the upper hand over land based casinos.

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