After seeing the great involvement of smartphone usage, mobile games have also become a constant in our lives. With the evolution and improvement in technology, the expectations with gaming experience have also advanced. The reason behind this popularity of the online mobile game development is its smooth, seamless, and shareable interface to make the game highly addictive and engaging. Other reasons that are playing key role are high-speed internet connectivity has given emergence to online, social, and multiplayer game development.

By the passing time, HTML5 game development in Dubai and India is witnessing a lot of improvisation with faster, lighter and trusted solutions for the game development company as well as gamers. This is why HTML5 game development are introduced for various ways to create amazing casual games, card games (poker game software development) and casino games (slot game development) from top mobile game development companies in India. These games are popular for their responsive nature which makes the game available to many devices, screen sizes as well as they are adjustable with their groundbreaking features like, offline asset storage, audio APIs and 2D/3D graphics and its asset libraries. Before we delve into the benefits and their usability of HTML5 game development, we are discussing the popular frameworks.

How Can The Best HTML5 Game Developers Help in Best Casino Game Development?

Best Frameworks For HTML5 Game Development

Whenever you approach a leading game development company in India with your unique idea, you may not have the basic knowledge for the game development industry such as the technical terms and tech stacks used for your game. Every game has its own requirement which needs a different and specific game development stack. Thus, you need to go through few questions that can help you in analyzing your game basic requirements and also help you in estimating your game development budget and time. These basic questions are as follows:-

  1. What is the genre of game development you are looking for? Is it Casual or Card or Board or Casino game development?
  2. Which type of graphics is preferred? 2D or 3D?
  3. What are the characters of your game or other elements required for your gameplay.
  4. What is be the preferred game engines and its framework?

You can look up for the most suitable framework that seems deemed fit to your requirement and functionality. Here we are listing the best framework used by the HTML5 game development company in Delhi NCR.

1. Phaser

It is the most powerful and preferred framework for HTML5 game development. It is free open-source framework for Canvas and WebGL-powered browser games. It includes several peculiarities like game physics and vectors like collision and forces, 2D Levelling, visual simulations and input libraries. This tool is best in offering excellent 2D game development services.

2. Cocos2D-JS

Cocos2D-JS is the Cocos2D engine’s javascript version supporting all functionalities with a set of javascript-friendly APIs. Cocos2D-JS renders a platform compatibility game development for any platform either web or native. Cocos2D-JS strictly follows the principle “Code Once, Run Everywhere”. The best poker game software developers can run their poker game on web browsers and on native platforms with a single javascript code base.

3. Pixi.js

Pixi.js is a reliable, fast and free open-source game development engine whose biggest advantage is to handle the complicated graphics WebGL in a simple library. This helps in managing the blurs and pixelations, etc which often occur while using custom displacements and halftone effects. The game developers also find it comfortable as this framework closely related to the Adobe Flash coding concepts.

There are other frameworks as well which are working great to deliver the best HTML5 game development services for various genres of game. Today the best poker game programmer in Noida is delivering the pp poker game development leveraging HTML5.

How Can The Best HTML5 Game Developers Help in Best Casino Game Development?

What are the advantages of HTML5 Technology In Games Development?

Cross Platform Support

Cross-Platform support means the game is supported on multiple platforms, browsers which is one of the most highlighted advantages of HTML5 Game Development.

When the HTML5 game developers come up for the game development. They focus on certain areas like the audience, platforms, tech stack, cost and many more such things. With an HTML5 game engine using Cocos2DJS, Phaser your game development cost reduces relatively compared to other game engines. Though, there are multiple open-source HTML5 game engines that support cross-platforms with fast performance scale. The outstanding HTML5 game developers create responsive games which can adjust themselves to any resolution, any screen or aspect ratios. The best HTML5 game developers only need to write a code single time that can run on all devices like tablets, Phones, PC etc.

Game Application Promotions

Because of these cross-platform support features, the best game development companies in India get another advantage. The mass audience for your game. This clearly means everyone or anyone with smart devices or PCs can play HTML5 games. In return, a massive audience of gamers in the audience is promoting your game. Now, using this ability of HTML5 game development, both outstanding HTML5 game developers and advertisers can come up with a wonderful and amazing marketing strategy.

Lesser Need for Resources

This is another advantage of choosing the HTML5 game engine its never-ending demand for resources. As there are no restrictions for platforms and neither issues in adapting any new browsers or platform. They are simple to understand and reduces the various ranged complexities. However, there is a lot more which is still needs to undiscovered for using HTML5 and its libraries. The best game development companies in Gurugram prefer to hire dedicated game developers such as poker game software developers, slot game developers, card game developers who have delivered their expertise by leveraging TML5 as a medium. As they have loud information about the right sequence, process, complexities, and resources for the game development.

Availability and Accessibility

Apart from being available for free, the gamers expect that they must have the accessibility of the game from anywhere, any device they want. This feature holds the utmost importance among the prior list of advantages of HTML5 game development. These games are accessible on multiple web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc. Apart from the availability of engaging HTML5 games, its cache manifest technique is also allowing gamers to store their information in the cache without any trouble and can use it while playing anytime. For instance, gamers can play their favorite slot games by the best slot game development services with HTML5 on any device or any platform from anywhere.

Technology Stacks

The HTML5 game development companies prefer Canvas and Web Graphics Library (WebGL) mostly to create some advanced games for various browsers. By the happening time, now they are providing a better gaming experience to the gamers because of the presence of strong frameworks such as Phaser, PixiJS, Cocos2DJS and many more.

HTML5 game development has gained prosperous popularity in several genres of the games like casino games like slot game development services, card games like poker game development services and rummy game development services as well as casual game development. The rapid growth of such card and casino games in Asian countries USA and UK has brought enormous opportunities for HTML5 game development companies in India. By the means of technology, HTML5 has made itself a platform of success for the game development companies to encourage business by try new ways for marketing for their services as ever.

If want to hire the best game development company in Delhi, India, then Creatiosoft is your one-stop solution for HTML5 game development services with our expert HTML5 game developers are well trained and experienced in HTML5 game development services for more than 8+ years. If you want any HTML5 game development services including deployment, game testing services, monetizing, etc., You can contact our experts through the form on the contact us or write an email on [email protected]. You may WhatsApp us as well at +91-8860912115.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can HTML5 be used to create real-time multiplayer games?

Yes, We can make real-time and networked games (multiplayer game) using HTML5 game engine like Cocos2DJS, Phaser etc.

2. Can you develop social games using HTML5?

Yes, we can and we have developed various social games like 3 matching, Puzzle games using HTML5 engine.

3. What genres of HTML5 game development services you offer?

We offer variety of HTML5 game development services which comprises of casual games, Casino Game Development (Slots), Card Game Development (Poker, Rummy etc) & many more.

4. Which framework you prefer for HTML5 Game Developments?

We have wide range of expertise who work on framework Phaser, PixiJS & Cocos2dJS.

5. What technologies you prefer to do multiplayer game development?

We prefer using Cocos2D, PixiJS, Phaser, HTML5, MEAN/ MERN Stack, Web Socket, Photon, NodeJS & MongoDB for HTML5 game development.

6. How to contact the Creatiosoft for HTML5 game development project?

You can discuss your HTML5 game idea with us. You can talk it over a phone call or whatsapp at +91-8860912115 or send an email directly to [email protected]. Else you may fill the contact us form.

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