Social Slot games are rising with popularity with steady rise in the market capitalization. Along with involvement of mobile games and social apps, it has turned out to be the fastest-growing markets in the world. The key word here is ‘social’ which says that social slot games doesn’t allow you to play the game with real money. Players get the free coins to play in free mode using virtual currency. Its the game of the thrill of matching those symbols. Slot machines are the new age gaming machines which are a regular game of an online casino.

The social slots games are mostly appealing the USA,UK,Spain & Russia. That is why slot game development companies are taking more interest in evolving with the social slot games apps. They are offering the free social slot games experiences on iPhones, iPads, Android devices and Tablets in the United Kingdom, Australia, USA and even New Zealand. Player make wager, spin the wheel to get a random result which will decide the win.

Why Player are interested in playing the Social Slot Games Online?

Since the earth has hit with this global pandemic, the lockdown has almost shut everything down,to maintain the social distance, most of the slot players are more interested in playing social slot games. Addition to the boredom and stress environment, the more simple yet real experience without physical slot machine. All they just need to install it in their devices or get it integrate into website with smaller piece of coding.

As social slot game development is relatively take less development cost, thus, game development companies find the game more suitable. The players are preferring and downloading social casino games amidst the crisis and they are finding the social slots game more approachable. Around 1M+ players visit on these social slot game apps every month. The maximum number of downloads of Slot game app is 10M+ on Android devices per month.

How to publish slot on app store or google play?

Google Play & Apple App store are two major platform from where users can download social slots, card games, bingo games, poker game & many more, which are popularly used and where game development companies or game developers can publish their social slot games. To publish the slot games on these app stores, they need to follow the easy steps.

App Stores

Sign up for the Apple Developer Program

Sign up for the Apple developer Program which will cost 99$ and developers need to pay again annually. This account will allow you to develop the iOS app and test it on the devices as well.

Prepare your app for submission

Prepare the app for live in the Apple App Store as it will go through an app certification process. It confirms that the app is appropriate as per App Store guidelines before approving it before publishing.

Create your App Store listing via App Store Connect

To publish an app, go to the My Apps section and click the “+” option to create a new app. Now, update the App name and description and its category as Game. Make sure the description has right set of keywords, supportive of the privacy policy and supportive URL. Pick the date or choose when will your app will be available.

Make your App Store screenshots

Add the screenshots, images or videos to show off the features of social slot games.

Upload your app to App Store connect using Xcode

Now they can upload the binary file to run on iOS devices using the XCODE.

Submit the app for review

Now, the app is ready for review, which will take two to three days by the Apple Review team to review the application.

Google Play

Create a Developer Account

Create a Developer Account which game development companies can easily sign up with one of their existing Google Account. They need to pay $25, which would be one time payment with unlimited apps.

Create an App

Go to the Play Console where they can add their app, after that add the title of social casino game app and proceed for next step.

Store Listing

Add product details and description, make sure that description should be written with a right usage of keywords ensuring SEO and ASO. Add the category as game and other details.

Add Graphic assets

Add screenshots, images, videos and icons to present the app’s features and functionality.

Upload APK to an App Release

Now, game developers can upload the binary file to run the application on Android devices.

Features of social slot games app

A social slot game must have some basic feature to ensure their popularity and engaging factor over Android and iOS devices, such as

Rich and Quality Graphics

This is the foremost factor that every leading game development company must ponder. The more better and enriched graphics leads better engagement of players.

Auto Spins

This feature is directly related to the User experience of the slot game, as player get annoyed by tapping on SPIN for long hours game play. Thus, here auto spin tab will let him set his bet and keep spinning automatically.

Bonus Features or Free Rewards

Since the it is the social slot game then, free rewards are the best feature to put the player more into the game. Like on every win they get 10x winning more or daily rewards.

Seeing the current global scene, we are seeing that online casino industry and multiplayer games are on the rise to serve the social distancing and socializing both. Slot players are looking forward for social slot game apps on their devices and considering high of it. There is surge demand for the other iGaming games like Bingo, Poker and many others. People are trying to utilize their leisure time more with games. Till the time doctors and researched won’t get the proper medicines and vaccination for the treatment for this global virus, we can expect this surge to grow higher.

Frequently Asked Question

At Creatiosoft, we ensure that a social slot game must have all those essential features which bring the best social slot game app on board. These notable features of social slot game apps are as:- Bonus Spins, on line chat, free spins and daily rewards.

  • Why choose Creatiosoft for social slot game development?

The team of expert unity game developers, experienced and talented programmers, with best design studio with effective communications and on time delivery are the perks for choosing us.

  • Does Creatiosoft help in publishing the social slot game app on application stores for Android and iOS devices?

Yes, we publish the social slot game applications on Appstore and Play store as per the account of the client.

  • Do you have ready made slot which you can sell?

Yes, Creatiosoft has developed various slot game apps, thus, we have ready-made slot games which we are providing.

  • Can you arrange a demo for your social slot games today?

Yes, we can arrange a demo for your social slot games by today. You need to fill the form available at Contact Us to contact our executive or you may send an email directly to [email protected] or whatsapp or call us at +91-8860912115. We will revert you with mail or call you for your request.