How much does it cost to hire a 2D mobile game artist?

Game artists are as important part of the team as the game developers or game programmers in Indonesia. They work together with game development, production, design, testing, and marketing teams for modern unity3D game development purposes. They work using game designer tools to create animation, characters, environments and user interfaces. You should know beforehand for the factors deciding the cost to hire game designer from the outstanding 2D game development company in Indonesia.

What are the Factors that Decide Cost to Hire Game Artist?

The factors on which Cost to hire 2D game developers and mobile game artists depends are as follows

  • Which platforms you choose to develop game
  • Game development engine to develop game
  • Number of team member working on your game
  • Features you want to add in your games
  • Amount of time spend by developers on Unity game Development and more…..

Precisely, you can’t fix the price to hire game artist for the 2D Game Development without knowing the scope of the game. Thus, you should know whom to choose as the mobile game artist and 2D game developer for the mobile game development company.

What Key Points Should be Noted to Hire 3D Game Developer in Indonesia from Unity Game Development Company?

But you while hiring 3D game developers or 3D game development company, please note the following points. The candidate or team you are picking up must have following attributes.

  • Make sure the developer loves games
  • Must be a skilled and experienced gaming programmer
  • Knows how to handle situation, flexible and multitasking
  • Must have sharp knowledge regarding the latest technology and gaming development engine

If he fits into right according to the criteria then you should review previous work and game portfolio. Also take review and feedback from other client they worked with earlier.

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