How much does it cost to develop a video game?

The term video game is very massive terms comprising the various forms of game development. they are

Mobile Game Development

The game development company in UAE are finding mobile game development as the future of gaming industry. As they are accessible to huge mass than other game development genres. This game development usually takes for a few months and estimation comes less than $1 Million.

Web or Social Game Development

These games are published with low or minimal cost of 3d social game development. this version of games are facing the high competition in the industry as the market is getting more competitive. The cost and expense till the beta launch is lesser than $1 Million.

PC Game Development

All broken records and for best gaming experience, PC games are better than mobile which can be downloaded and played anytime player wants it to. Such AAA game development takes more than months even upto 1 year to create these games. The cost rises upto & 5 million to $10 million.

XBox 360 / Console Game Development

the console games are popular from the millennial days even when smartphones were not there. These games may take years to develop and have risen in terms of cost with least $10 million and can go upto 50 millions to $100 million.

What are the Factors Affecting the Cost of Game Development Estimated by the Best Game Development Company?

The cost of Unity3D Game Development completely depends on a various factors as

Game Development Process

Every expert cocos2d game development company prefer to follow their game development process. Lets say if cocos creator developer takes months for research and strategies and other cocos2D game development company in UAE won’t do so. Thus, its upto you what methodology and with whom you want to proceed as the preference lies with that cocos2D game development team who is concerned for all aspects of the game projects.

Game Developers

You can hire cocos creator developer on freelance or you can hire unity3d game development agency to develop your game project for you. Usually, Though, cost spending on the freelancers are lesser but you may not end up with a quality product. That’s why clients prefer to work with a unity game development company who have access to more tools and resources.

The minimum cost which is taken for a Unity 3D game development bears the expenses for the Game Designer, Programmer, Art and Animation, Audio, Quality Assurance, and, of course, for the license purchase.You can analyze very easily that which section takes the longest time and largest portion of your budget. All you need in the end the trusted and best mobile game development company which can bring out the best mobile game.

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