The mobile game industry has recorded revenue growth by becoming an industry of more than $65+ billion. This tremendous growth of the decade has revealed the size of the growing mobile games market has gone wider beyond imaginations and will continue to grow further with the involvement of more android game developers and iOS game developers, precisely mobile game development company along with the increase in the numbers of participation of mobile game players on smartphones. The most fascinating fact about this billion-dollar gaming industry across the globe is that 45% of the $120+ billion gaming industry belongs to online mobile games, which is turning out to be the fastest-growing gaming platform over PC and console platforms. The major portion of this active participation and increased revenue belongs to stand-alone Asian countries especially China, Japan, and South Korea, with North America, European countries, and UAE contributing a net $40 billion worth.

The report revealed about the mobile game players that they have spent more than 15% across the iOS App Stores and Android’s Google Play which yielded from $55 billion in 2018 to $62 billion in 2019. This has heavily benefitted the android game development company as well as iOS game development company. In the same year, out of the total earning from in-app purchases on android, 74% of the earning came from the globe excluding China, which was approximately $85 billion as total worth. Amazingly, 80 percent of the global gaming market is represented by android gamers where only the USA is the only nation where the number of iOS game players is more than the numbers of android gamers. That is another reason why iOS game development company in USA is more proven to be lucrative. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t work well in another geographical region instead they have great potentials. Though, seeing the android game popularity and active participation, the android game development company can flourish in much graceful way.


Seeing mobile game developers and publishers are seeing these growing figures as an opportunity to roll out mobile game versions from to roll out mobile versions from poplar PC and console-based games such as, as Nintendo with Niantic for Pokémon Go and Bluehole with Tencent for PUBG in China. Let’s see which game has been rolling towards profits this year and has encouraged several mobile game developers and android game development company in USA, UK, UAE, Israel, UK, Italy, and other corners of the world.


The top-grossing mobile games that ruled the mobile game market growth chart

The top five games were rewarded to Fate/Grand Order of Japan, this game was the top-grossing game in 2019 and repeating same in 2020, and next one is King’s Candy Crush Saga, which exceeded its growth by earning $84.5 million year-over-year with in-app purchases by the users, and then it was Pokemon GO.

The top ten games that have generated the highest revenue with an overall estimate of $11.2 billion as combined revenue during 2019-2020, up 5.2% year-on-year and the top 11 to 30 mobile games have generated the revenue of estimate of $9.88 billion increasing by 15.9% as compared to the previous year.

That was the times around 10 years ago, when the revenue of top-grossing mobile game companies was counted in millions, now in billions. Ths forecast the blooming future for the global end-user spend and in-app-advertising app-store games revenue combined will be worth $97billion in 2019 and $122 billion in 2022 through the android game development.

What business model that must be introduced by an android game development company to ensure the imperative mobile game market growth?

Mobile game development is much cheaper than other variants of game development because of its simple gameplay and availability of game engines like Unity that can transform the mobile game development experience. However, the cost behind any mobile game development lies between $50,000 to over $2 million, and can differ on the level of detail from the perfect UX and touchscreen experience can be excruciating. Thus, choosing the right path(s) for a game to make money becomes important. This is made more difficult as android game developers generally focus on maintaining an optimal and authentic, mobile gaming experience for players. Depending upon the game type, the mobile game developers focus on a few key direct and indirect revenue streams that can be summed up in the diagram below:

mobile game market revenue

Let’s dive a bit deeper to calculate where a major opportunity exists for mobile game developers and android game developers to drive more value for players.


Paid is the game monetization model which is the most familiar to us from the days of PC and Console games. Precisely, this model refers to own the game by paying a certain amount of money. However, in the mobile game industry, paid games are making up just 8% of overall revenue. Thus, the mobile game development company has come up with a “Freemium business model” which offers the mobile game for free and monetizing the mobile game during gameplay via advertising or in-app purchases. Meanwhile, paid games are considered as “Premium Games” because of the prior investment by the players to command in a mostly free-to-play world.

In-App Advertising

Generally, 53% of the mobile game industry is preferring the in-game advertising. which is a popular form of monetization for freemium games because it allows android game developers to maximize the number of players they can monetize at a time. The maximum numbers of players in the game watching the ads during the gameplay, the better revenue it generates. Mobile ads can appear in several forms, from banner ads to rewards-based ads that actually help players in progressing their game if they choose to watch a sponsored video.

In-App Purchases

Digital in-app purchases (IAPs) refers to allow the mobile game players to buy digital items or additional features within the game– for example, spend 99 cents for an extra life or $3.99 for a bundle of 5 lives or $49 to buy the chips or coins. Such games have a preexisting “store” appear during gameplay and will prompt players to spend a small amount of money to play the game further smoothly. T!his business model makes 48% which is exactly $25 billion of today’s mobile game industry. The 60% of revenue is alone collected by the iOS game users through IAP.

There are several new models emerging, such as sponsored locations for AR games like Pokémon Go, merchandising and subscriptions. Subscription can be proven a worth model for card game development or casual games development for young children, such as coloring-book apps and learn-through-play games. This methodology ease out the stress of the constant need of IAP requests to the kids.

mobile game market revenue mobile game market revenue

What are the new challenges for the mobile game market growth in terms of revenue for mobile game development company?

Though ads are said to be lucrative and efficient while making up 53% of the mobile games market revenue, but they aren’t the preferred choice if we are considering to prioritize the mobile gaming experience. Players would like to try a free game with ads, but there also, retention and engagement risk exists which is affecting several android game development company and mobile game publishers in the world.

Mobile game developers prefer to see the gaming world where players expect to have their game for free for players but hen players realize that android game developer is trying to earn money through ads or any other means they start to lose emotional connection. An interesting point is in the stand-alone industry of billions only 5% of players are spending over the game through in-app purchases.

No matter how you score and study the figures for the mobile game development company in this dynamic mobile game industry, you can still withdraw the conclusion that this industry is constantly is on growing mode which will thrive the billion in 2021 and 2025. These studies have already predicted the growth can spike up to $200 billion too. Despite having only 5% spending money in the games, still out of 30 mobile game publishers 23 different game publishers are in the top and responsible for increasing the mobile gaming revenue growth beyond ten. The more interesting it would be to see how many market revolting business models will evolve to get more money in the mobile game industry. There is still a lot of potentials that this gaming industry holds.

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