Social Media platform plays a vital role in online marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, g+ are some good social media platform which help us in promoting our products. Google Plus is the upcoming online marketing tool launched by google last year only and is growing very fast. First step, need to be followed is to create your business page on g+. I think every reader know how to create business page on g+. Now what ?? You have created business page and you want to promote your business through g+. Following are some points which can help you out:


  1. Spread the Word: First step, which you need to follow is to spread your page among your team members. Ask your every team member,managers and all office colleagues to add your page in their circle and share and g+ your post just like you do in facebook, twitter . But remember that in business page your page need to be added in their circle first. Only then you will be allowed to add them back in your circle. It’s not like twitter that you follow 200 people and atleast 20 will follow you back.
  2. Invite from other social Networks: Invite your followers from other social network like facebook, twitter, pinterest follow you. This tactic will help you in targeting your follower. If they are following on facebook, twitter, pinterest then will probably follow you on g+ also. The possible disadvantage would appear if you share same stuff on every network, they will get bored and will be annoyed due to repetitiveness. Always remember that people join social network for entertainment,they should not get bored or annoyed due to any of your activity.
  3. Add google plus button: Add google plus button to your blogs, official website,guest blog articles, forums and other content you can technically control and make your google + page more viral. May be any of your blog post can attract user and if g+icon is viewable there then he will share it from there only, i.e. called user friendly feature. As we all know that no body bothers to search your g+ page and will do + 1 from there. Try to make your g+ button more visible as much as you can do.
  4. Be active: As you added more and more people in your circle, try to be active and interactive. Try to interact on other’s page by sharing, +1 or by adding your valuable comment.
  5. Follow Back: Like in twitter follow your followers back who follow you. This is the most important factor in g+ marketing

Above are some important factor in g+ marketing which I got from my experience and analysis. Hope that you found this introductory guide useful for your business, we are looking forward to have your precious feedback in comment section.