Poker game is the fastest and biggest growing market with respect to gaming across the globe, especially South East Asia. This genre has caught the pace for all sort of the game such as social, digital, and casino gaming. Though before 10 years, online poker did not cultivate a rich history in those countries and the reason was jurisdictions around the world but in recent years, the popularity of poker games in recent years has been definitely on the rise, with some relaxation in few countries like India, Philippines, Indonesia Thailand, and Vietnam. The reason behind the increased popularity is the increased ownership of smartphones, broadband, and social media accounts. The South Asian market has shown its growing pace and interest in poker card games in both developing and developed countries like Japan, South Korean, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Where Indonesia is projected to show the highest revenue growth while Vietnam is expected to carry the day in terms of the leading market in the online player base.

The interesting fact is even when a small percentage of Asian players play online poker games on a daily basis, that small percentage can bring a huge number and which seems to grow immensely and as it seems simple, online poker is receiving more popularity which ensures the success of the game. In South East Asian countries like the Philippines online Poker is the most loved game there. The popularity of Poker can be understood as the people are loving towards Cambodia and Thailand for the poker game only.

Poker Game Legislation in South East Asian Countries

For any venture, it’s difficult to discuss without discussing the legal aspects. When it comes to online poker, we need to take care of the legalities for all countries from South East Asian regions like Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia.

The law for poker in Cambodia is different from the law for poker in Thailand. Undoubtedly, laws and regulations practices in South East Asian countries are strict. Moreover, the future of the South East Asian Market depends upon the happenings with the law in the future of poker but seeing the growing buzz around Asia, it is definitely sure that even with a small percentage, the profit earned can be huge and the whole of Asia is becoming the new center for the online poker game.

Let’s discuss laws and legalities for a few South East Asian countries.

Though there are no websites licensed in Cambodia but to play online poker, there are websites used by foreign countries such as Thailand, UK, and other Asian countries. These websites are supporting multiple languages and currencies.

In the past years, there was definitely a ban and restrictions on online poker in Vietnam but if we are talking about the present scenarios, online poker is legal and players can deposit and withdraw the amount as well.

Though the country has strict rules laid on Poker in Thailand but there are no such restrictions on online Poker Games. Players are freely using their Thai credit card, solutions like Skrill or Bitcoins or to play online poker, Thailand is becoming the biggest revenue for online poker.

The status of online poker in Singapore is in limbo, which states the status quo is likely to grow better there. There players accessing foreign websites from Thailand, UK, and other Asian countries.

With a huge population of 252 million people and more, Indonesia becomes a huge potential poker market. As other neighboring countries are planning to liberalize, Indonesia is also trying to make its efforts to relax the rules. People in Indonesia are playing online poker in the same way as Cambodians are playing poker. Such poker games are also accessible to European countries as well as Asian Countries.

Future of Online Poker Game Industry in South East Asia

The strengthened success of poker can also be ensured by the reports suggesting the surge increase in the number of ownership of mobile phones. There are now already more than 2 billion of usage of smartphones in South East Asian countries only. Online poker operators are focusing on those countries where access to mobile gaming is given more importance such as the Philippines and India.

Where the casino games market is subjected to have the largest market share there poker gaming market accounted for the highest CAGR. The availability of poker in mobile devices made it simple and convenient for a player who can join the game without being physically present in the poker room.

As the globe is facing the destructive impact of ongoing pandemic Coronavirus, which started off from China and have affected highly the main reign of South-East Asia and then so far, As the countries were shutting themselves down then there online poker game have got quite grip. Here analysts are expecting Cambodia to hold the flag of poker destination with the highest CAGR over the last five years. The growing business will be appearing online with more flexible laws and a bright market head-turner.

Creatiosoft recommends before starting online poker business in South East Asia, discuss with your legal team.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What variations do you provide in your online poker game software?

At Creatiosoft, we provide Texas Hold’em and Omaha along with Tournament of Poker in our online poker gaming solution.

2. Does your online Poker gaming software support multi-language?

Yes, at Creatiosoft we kept our international clientele, thus, our poker software supports multiple languages.

3. Does your Poker gaming software support multiple currencies?

Yes, We kept different currencies in our minds for our various locations around South East Asia. Thus, we support multiple currencies through our online poker gaming solution. We also support Skrill, Blockchain, etc. integration for smooth transactions.

4. Does Creatiosoft provide a demo for its online poker gaming solution?

Yes, Creatiosoft provides a demo for its online poker gaming solution.

5. Why one should choose Creatiosoft for poker game development?

We have been developed poker & currently working with multiple operators across the globe. We can launch a game with our operator within 15 days.

6. Can you arrange a demo for your poker solution today?

Yes, we can arrange a demo for your poker game today. You need to fill the form available at Contact Us to contact our executive or you may send an email directly to [email protected] and also do Whatsapp/Call at +91-8860912115.

We will revert you with mail or call you for your request.