1. Magic Touch Smileys HD Live WP:












The best bouncing smiley live wallpaper for android is here now. Get this cool live wallpaper which has crazy smileys that dance at your finger tips for free ! They jump , they laugh ,blink ,break into smaller ones and with one touch combine back again. Have this beautiful live wallpaper @


  1. Touch monuments: Ripple Effect: 












This HD Live Wallpaper with dynamic wave effect includes beautiful monuments images of Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Al Burj and palm Island. Until now with finger touch you have created water’s ripple effect, but now you can create this wonderful effect on world famous monuments. Your magic touch on the screen will create water ripples effect just like a falling water drop would create! Have this beautiful effect at:


3. 3D Love Hearts Live Wallpaper:













Love is a beautiful emotion and it”s this that makes the world go round, come and celebrate this emotion with our FREE 3D love hearts live wallpaper for android. It has a number of 3D hearts that sway across the screen . Have this beautiful live wallpaper @


  1. Floating Alphabets Fun Live Wallpaper:












Just tap your screen to generate letters. Play with alphabets and let them float across your home screen in a beautiful flowery background and that too for FREE!! Have this amazing live wallpaper @


  1. Flying Kisses 3D HD Live Wallpaper: 












Romanticize your dull Android home screen with glittery and sweet lips. Flying 3D kiss live wallpaper displays beautiful kissable pair of lips flying towards your Android screen and that too for FREE!! Have this beautiful live wallpaper @


  1. Beautiful Nature HD 3D Live Wallpaper:












Get this awesome 3D swaying flowers live wallpaper for your android phone to give it a new refreshing look for free !!! Colorful flowers of all shapes and sizes originating from dark, rush towards you and they twist, turn and roll while moving across the screen. Get this at:


Enjoy Android apps!!:)