If you are planning to develop and release your own game, there are few important things to consider before starting this journey. Over the past several years there have been many useful and powerful game engines released to the public. The most popular game engines are Unity, CryEngine, J2me and Unreal Engine 4. Here we have given you an information about these popular game engines, each one has their strong areas. Which one works best for your project, it’s depend what type of game you are planning to develop. Zombie Shooter game, Running game, Action game or you are going to be 2D or 3D? Most importantly, you have to pay licensing fees for each game engine, which best fits in your budget. All these four engines are relatively cheap.

Unity 3D

Unity game engine providing you intuitive tools that help you design awesome 3D content. Unity also provides cross platform publishing, thousands of ready-made assets are available in the Asset Store. Unity environment reduces the time and cost, allowing you to develop beautiful interactive games. It provides flexibility to deploy projects on multi platforms like Android, iOS and Windows. It also has the capabilities of development for consoles. This game engine supports assets from major 3D applications like 3ds Max, Maya, Blender and more. Unity has a three part

  • A game engine: Allows the games to be created, tested and played in different environments.
  • An application: Design or the user interface is put together with a graphical preview option and control play function.
  • A code editor: The IDE provides a text editor to write code.


  • Best in licensing terms in the game industry.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compatible with every game platform.
  • Amazing community support.
  • The Audio Mixer, to improve the audio in your game.
  • Massive performance improvements to 3D physics.
  • WebGL preview.

CryEngine 3

CryEngine is next on our list, this game engine has received praise for beautiful graphics output. One most interesting thing of this game engine is once changes are made to the objects, CryEngine 3 automatically optimizes, compresses and converts the content. CryEngine also updates output for all supported platforms. CryEngine offers some amazing features to make game play or game as realistic as possible. If you are crazy for pretty game visuals, then CryEngine is an ideal game engine for you. CryEngine has a different pricing model than the other game engines.


  • CryEngine 3 makes the game ambiance pretty with its artist-level programming
  • It has the most powerful audio tool, Fmod, inside it.
  • The game engine also offers the easiest coding of any technology on the market.
  • Best for a beginning developer.

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4 is most popular game engines released from Epic Games.UE4 offers you to develop high-end triple-A titles for years now. Batman and many other super hit games were developed with this engine. Unreal Engine has some amazing graphical abilities that are advanced dynamic lighting and a particle system which can handle up to thousands of particles in a scene at one time. Lots of gaming studio’s and indie game developers already appreciate the many amazing benefits of the Unreal Game Engine.


  • Unreal offers the great community support. Video tutorials and assets are available.
  • Update mechanism of all engines.
  • Compatible with all platforms (iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, Windows, and most game consoles.)

Cocos2d -x game engine

Cocos2d is a 2d game engine. It’s the best free and open source option for mobile games. Using a single C++ code base you can deploy games to just about every platform. The Cocos2d API is simple and powerful. If you are planning to develop a 2d game, then it’s the right choice. There are lots of 2d games are live on Google play store and other third party app store which are developed in cocos2d & cocos2d-x. Some best and award winning games like Bad land, hill climb racing, 2048 are developed in cocos2d & cocos2d-x. Best part of these game engine is, it supports native language like c++. With great native support and robust performance. Cocos2d -x support most mobile, desktop and web based platforms, but they don’t support consoles like Xbox and Playstation.


  • Free and open source (MIT license).
  • Wide range of tools, extensions and open source code available.
  • Audio support.
  • Broad range of supported platforms, particularly mobile ones.

J2me Game Engine

Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) is a version of Java. It’s used for developing applications for wireless device such as PDAs, mobile phones and other appliances like microwave ovens. J2ME game engine has an optimized Java Runtime Environment and a wide range of tiny commodities, and connectivity, enable security, and useful utility programs. J2ME offers many benefits like security advantages and native application development alternatives. It’s a safe platform and boost the robust programming. There is no licensing fee needed for the SDK, it means that anyone can create an application and market it.


    • J2ME has been designed to strike a balance between portability and usability.
    • J2ME has a lot of support in the telecommunications industry.
    • Main disadvantage is Paranoid security model.