Pinterest is a upcoming Social Media platform which includes virtual pin board that helps you organize and share interesting and beautiful dreams & plans and can prepare for the things you want to do in your life. Whether it’s your new design, new gadgets, favorite recipes, fashion or the latest home décor. Pinterest is an easy and now becoming a popular way for all the business owners and marketers to make the most of it.

What the Experts are saying about Pinterest:


  • There are around 10 million unique visitors faster than any other independent website in history.
  • Pinterest is now driving more traffic to websites than Youtube, Google+ and Linkedin combined.
  • Now Pinterest is driving more traffic than twitter.
  • Over 10 million Facebook Connected users.

Due to it’s brilliant performance and unique style, it’s vitality is increasing at a very vast rate.

We all know every popular thing attracts lots of users which in turn creates a tough competition. Now, marketers are facing big challenge in driving followers to their Pinterest account. Today in this article I will be discussing specific strategies to get you the biggest amount of impact on your business whether it is product based or service based in the shortest amount of time. Pinterest is a a new social networking platform, so marketers have many myths and misunderstandings about it’s marketing. If we are targeting Pinterest for our business marketing then we should know what most people are doing WRONG…

First of all we would be discussing “What is Pinterest” and “How does it work”

There are thousands of people across the world who are anxious to know about “How to start and grow online business through Pinterest”. Pinterest is all about sharing beautiful pictures and images – It is one of the most viral social media networking site where people “pin” images from other sites onto Pinterest and other people can repin, like or comment those same images onto their boards. Over 80% of pins are repins which means exposure goes on autopilot. Due to it’s simple visual nature, people are clicking through to sites more which results in excellent traffic referral source.

According to recent news and updates: Pinterest generates more revenues per click than Facebook and Twitter.

Inspite of its heavy virality Pinterest is facing challenges due to some reasons:


  1. As Pinterest is all about images, due to this some marketers are struggling for how to effectively market their business, if their business doesn’t include eye catchy images.
  2. World is overwhelmed by social media sites, its really difficult to invest time for something new.
  3. User at some places are unaware about Pinterest.

Well creating your Pinterest business page is not only important but set up properly is also mandatory. You should follow some steps while setting up your Pinterest account like:

  • When you register for Pinterest fill all the fields properly don not forget tot fill “About Section” field properly, as visitors get the glimpse of your business from there only.
  • Add eye catchy images, as they are the basics of Pinterest.

How to integrate Pinterest into your Marketing to make your business successful and popular


  • Add the “Pint it” button to your blog and site.
  • Create a Pinterest account for your business as research shows that people like brands better and are more likely to buy after viewing their Pinterest business Page.
  • Add Pinterest tab at your Facebook Page, you can use:
  • Pin your original content.
  • Try to add Taller Pins as analysis reveals that taller pins attract more users rather than shorter one.
  • Pin video from You tube channel.
  • Try to use infographics as it provide value, establish credibility and build a relationship between user and business owner.
  • Just try to add a CTA button in your image and use eye candy captions on image which should include: keywords, price and links. 

In the above post I tried to conclude all about Pinterest marketing, but without having a great product of creative and fresh style, you can’t achieve success in long run. So try to develop good and quality product to become successful business owner.


Many of the readers have more experiences and analysis. Please feel free to share your precious comments as it will help us lot in future writing.