Decorate your Android message/ contacts screen with beautiful SMS theme:

1. GoSMS Cartoon theme Free:

Cartooon sms theme

Decorate your Android Mobile messages with a cool GOSMS Cartoon theme for FREE!!

A beautiful GOSMS theme for your Android mobile with a cute cartoons and sweet pink background including flowers, clouds and naughty cartoon enhances the look. It provides you a cool, fast and convenient SMS/MMS experience.

Get this awesome SMS/MMS theme at:


2. Love Flowers Free GoSMS Theme:


Lovely flowers theme

Superbly beautiful, cute and cuddly styled new theme created for SMS/MMS, contacts and Go Chat(free messages). A beautiful GOSMS theme for your Android mobile with sky blue background including flowers, clouds, green grass and naughty butterfly in a sunny day features a blend of colors … Get this cool SMS theme at:

3. Famous Buildings goSMS Theme :

Beautiful ocean

Lovely styled Famous Buildings SMS theme designed for your SMS/MMS is available now for FREE!!
An amazing GO SMS theme which decorates your SMS/MMS, contacts and GO Chat(free message) with beautiful eye pleasing fresh and spectacular scene which includes beautiful blue ocean and red sunrise/sunset behind the tall dark building. Get this cool SMS/MMS theme at:


4. Shining Sun Free GoSMS Theme:

shinning sun

Shining Sun Free GoSMS Theme is an animated GoSMS theme for your Android screen.
Superbly beautiful, real and cuddly styled new theme created for SMS/MMS, contacts and Go Chat(free messages).It shows a relaxing nature scene including shinning sun behind the vast mountain, white clouds and a steady flowing river with the sweet yellow background adds a touch of realism. Modern Nature Go SMS theme features a uniquely cool. Have a look at:


5. Parachute Sky Clouds SMS Theme:

Parachute clouds


Get fresh and spectacular animated scene of the sunny sky for your SMS/MMS theme for FREE!!

Do you love to fly in sky between white clouds with a colorful parachute? Then you”ll love this theme – features a blend of colors that makes it very colorful. Blue sky and clouds free GoSMS is clear and simple designed specially for people who love sunny day, smoke, clouds, cute parachute, sky, landscape. Get this theme to make your GO SMS Pro more lovely and colorful!!

Get this amazing app at:


6. Aquarium Bubbles GoSMS Theme:

Aquarium buubles

Aquarium Bubbles GoSMS Theme creates cool aquatic theme for your SMS/MMS and contacts for FREE!! Very powerful GoSMS theme having cool UI as well as fast and easy to use. Aquarium bubbles GoSMS theme gives watery look and simple style with beautiful background including bubbles of different colors like blue, yellow, orange and many more. It supports SMS/MMS GO Chat(free message) contacts. Get this cool sms theme:

Enjoy Android apps!!

 7.Rocking Music Free GoSMS Theme:

Rocking music

Rocking music Go SMS theme integrates musical instruments and notes with beautiful yellow shaded background. A very cool and stunning Go SMS theme with pretty music rainbow having amazing color combinations with highlight of black white gray to makes it more beautiful and eye pleasing. Get this amazing sms theme at:

8. Star Girl in Night GoSMS Theme:

Star girl

This is an awesome GoSMS of a fantasy scene including animation of shinning stars, cute cartoon girl standing on the hill near sweet home under sparkling night. Experience a magnificient fantasy scene in a beautiful shinny night. Magic of twinkling stars looks like bright fireworks in the dark blue sky. Get this amazing app at:

Enjoy SMS themes at your Android Mobile!! 🙂