The future of gaming, learning and customer engagement

AR games and apps are only limited by our imagination. It has possible
use-cases in the following industries

Education & Training

Augmented Reality applications developments have made it possible to deliver hands-on learning experiences without the use of actual equipment. Students can learn through real-life immersive simulations without worrying about consequences of making mistakes during training. Find a reputed and offshore AR Games development company to get the complete solutions for AR.

Retail & eCommerce

AR is revolutionizing the retail and eCommerce space by bringing home the experience of trying a product or service with simply a mobile device in hand. Hire AR developers to get the best of an AR application and your customers can realistically visualize how a product will look and feel while sitting in the comfort of their homes, bring to life a monotonous print ad of a product, view 3D models and even place an order.

Real Estate

When it comes to viewing a house that you want to buy, a 2D representation does not suffice. AR applications are allowing home buyers to visualize their future home in 3D from different angles, even allowing them to see how making changes to the interiors would make their home look like.

Movies & Entertainment

Movies and TV shows are using AR effects to make themselves come alive. Imagine a scene right out of your favourite show taking place in your room! That’s what AR is capable of in the world of entertainment.

Travel & Tourism

AR can make it possible for travellers to take a virtual tour of a city even before going there with interactive travel guides, engaging travel games and augmented reality city tours.

Automobile Marketing

With AR, automobile companies can create digital showrooms that can present innumerable model variants without actually having all the space that it can take. Customers can configure their cars and get to see and hear different model variants within the augmented space.

Why Augmented Reality?

With heightened content delivery, AR applications take your everyday experiences to a whole new level by giving a digitally enhanced view of the real world. They bring the world around you come to life.

Augmented reality gives a modified view of the reality around you by amplifying elements in context with the environment. It enhances components such as sound, videos, pictures and GPS data to transcend the overall experience. Augmented reality has now become popular for smartphones and businesses are making use of this concept. You will get a lot more from a reputed Augmented Reality Development company. Creatiosoft is a well-established company to hire Augmented Reality Developers.  


Why Choose Us?

Creatiosoft is a reputed Augmented Reality Development Company where professionals are designing and developing augmented reality games and apps that provide limitless scope to our clients to engage their audiences and enhance their content delivery. We are helping our clients in the field of sports, education, medicine, engineering and more to create interactive and realistic experiences.

Augmented Reality Technologies We Work On

We have developed apps integrated with motion, image and face recognition; and location awareness technologies with different types of play mechanism.

    • Augmented reality on Maps – Geolocation and geospatial mapping can leverage itself with the power of augmented reality. Important points on the map can be overlaid with additional digital information like pictures, twitter data and more.
    • Augmented reality for Games – Games are enhanced by adding elements like modified sound, 3D addons and so on which make your world of gaming seem real.
    • Toolkits for augmented reality – Our team of developers is highly experienced with oculus, kinect and leap motion.
    • Hosted Augmented Reality – Our team of experts host our clients’ valuable information on servers which is easily made available whenever required.

Businesses benefit from augmented reality techniques by enriching their relationship with customers which further bolsters brand recognition. We welcome you to give our augmented reality application an opportunity to help you connect with your customers on a whole different level.

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