Are you a Mobile developer or marketer and facing problem in selling your app? You have developed a fresh idea with error free coding and doing lot of marketing, but in spite of all these efforts, your app is not getting downloaded at good rate.

App Store Optimization not only includes app description, app ratings, app reviews and error free coding but it includes your screenshots, icon, and banner images as well.

As reader judge a book through its cover page, mobile user judge the app through it’s icon, screenshots and banner. Taking the time necessary to create screenshots that sell is well worth the effort. Your screenshots and most important your icons are the elements in your app which convince users to view your app and then download or buy it.

If you don’t put the right screenshots and icons, people won’t download your app. This article will discuss a critical component of App Store success: well-crafted icons, screenshots and banners.

How users decide which app he wants to download or buy?

Let’s talk about how icons, snapshots or screenshots influence online buying decisions:

Sales process includes:

  1. User knows what he wants like Christmas and New Year is arriving. He want a Christmas or New Year app and for this he will follow the below step:
    1. Search App store for “Christmas wallpaper”
    2. When he starts to type “Christmas” the list, starts to auto populate.
    3. He scrolls the list and search the grid of icons for an app with:

i.    Good quality and eye popping icon image

ii.    Names which matches the search

iii.    Screenshot (for understanding the app features)

iv.    Three stars or higher

  1. Dive into one selection
  2. Reads the description to check if the app meets his search
  3. If everything is up to expectation, he downloads or buys the app.

 Take your market from”I am not sure” To “Great…loved it; I want to download this app!”


Icon is the first thing which user sees while browsing for an app. Once he liked your icon, he will then consider other factors like screenshot, description, review etc. Therefore, icon is the very important for converting the visitors to customers.

Obviously, user will consider your app’ s icon only if it will appear on the top 10 list for the search keyword he entered. For that other factors are responsible like app title and description. Like

We released our app “” on Google Play (Android Market), but not getting good downloads.  On exploring the reason, we found that app icon was not attractive. As icon changed, downloads increased.

Matching block game new

Old Icon                           New Icon

However, increased rate was not so good, but it increased!!


Screenshot are the selling point. After having an eye catchy icon, user visits your app, screenshot play a vital role in converting visitor to customer. Not every user has much time to read the description, they want a quick analysis, which they get through the ratings and most important through screenshot.

Therefore, it should be well designed and portray the correct feature and functionality of the app.

Each screenshot must have a message to communicate exactly what each screen in the app does:

You can add the “Custom Screenshot” to get the lift in sales. I tried this in my “New Year Sky Live Wallpaper”. Earlier when the app has less features, its download was up to 5000 and as we added some new customization options and added screenshot as well, it’s download increased at a vast rate.


Banner is also important, but it has nothing to do with marketing and development, it solely depends on the designing. Your banner should be very attractive and should include every important character and animations of your app. If you are writing anything at your banner, it should communicate correctly.

However, Like always it, does not mean that great icons, screenshots and banner on your app store page will get your app massive downloads but they are required if you want any success with your app.