ASO, or app store optimization is basically SEO for mobile. Today, in this competitive world, it’s not difficult to develop a good app but the real challenge for Android developers is having their app higher than thousands of other competitors apps in the app store.

I have written in my previous blog about “Role of App Name in ASO(App Store Optimzation)”.

Now, I want to share my views on “App Description in ASO”:

1. First Three Lines are most important

Most of the people visiting app page, consider the first 3 lines of the app store description as they are directly visible, along the app icon . A lot of users don’t read the full app description before making their choice for any app. So, always try to put the most important information in first two lines, like your best app pitch, which suits your app. If you achieved any awards or anything special that most people know, you might consider putting it there too.

2. Serve your app in variety of languages

It’s worth attracting additional users which you could get by localizing your app description. As some of the users don’t speak and understand English , so in that case promoting your app in several languages will improve your downloads.

3 Add best reviews and quotes

Put the best quotes which your app got from blog reviews, with the the user name. As people trust these reviews , especially if they have used Android Market earlier.
If you haven’t got any good app reviews or quotes yet? Then that means you should update your app.

4. App Features

Try to list the main features of your app and explain each feature more in depth like what it does and what’s new in it. Here you can be a little more technical for the technocrats.

5. Updates in 4-6 Weeks

Try to update your app in every 4- 6 weeks. Add some new features which your competitor has used, for that you have to analyze what top 10 or top 5 apps have and you don’t have in your app. It is not restricted to app description, it can be followed for title, description, or any other functionality in the app. So always be updated and update your apps too.

6. Cross Marketting

Add about your other apps which is called cross promotion. You can add names of other apps in your present app description which will help market your other apps.

7. Tags

Tags play a very important role in the search of your app. If you haven’t added appropriate tags, then your app will be missed somewhere in the app market and user will not get it, which ultimately will ruin all your efforts . But adding tags doesn’t mean that adding it blindly, add only those tags which are highly search-able as well as which suits to your app.

What you should not do ??

  • Simply useless stuffing keywords without having their use makes people a bit annoyed.
  • Try to avoid Typos and grammatical errors
  • Don’t be too technical,
  • Don’t lie as users are not fools. Marketing doesn’t mean lying, good marketing is a way to promote your good app in a best way .

Here are a plenty of ways to improve our app description. You can start it now, as there is always a room for improvement.

Be Creative and maintain standard in your apps, as in the end it matters a lot. Good Marketing can only bring users to your app but can’t compel them to download your app. So, to increase downloads and installs try to be innovative and interesting!!