Android app marketing not only done by the social networking but it can be done by the help of more and more channels… By which the visitors can be converted to the users of that apps. There are so many paid campaign but in this article mainly organic marketing is featured. Thus, there are several points by which it can be happen:-

Before Launch :-

Contrary to popular belief your marketing strategy needs to start well before to launch in the app store. like any successful product, understanding need of your customers are and where you can find them is one of the most important pieces of the app marketing. There are a few steps you need to take before you launch your app.

To successfully market an app, you need to understand the keywords that will matter. A keyword should represent a term that a customer will use to recognize what your app.Select important keywords to successfully market an app. MobileDevHQ’s and competitor Appcodes are the easy to way to find the keywords which is frequently used between your app and competitors’ app.You’ll also learn how often those keywords are searched for within the app stores. Beside that you can also use Google adwords tools to find out the figure of the keywords being searched by the users.

The right name can make or break an app. Your app name needs to be unique and memorable, but it should also include the most important keyword that potential users will be searching for. An app name matters a lot in app stores search. Before selecting your apps name, be sure your choice doesn’t infringe on any trademarks otherwise your app might be rejected.

So many downloads are driven by the app store top charts. It’s important to choose the right category that will give your app the best shot of ranking highly in the Top Charts for your category. basically all category are not created equally for instance, the social category will drive more downloads than the lifestyle category. Surprisingly managing the category of your app is a whole science in itself.

Your app icon matters. First and foremost, your icon conveys your apps purpose, its style and first interaction your users will have with your app. Make your icon amazing so visitors will be more likely to click on your app after it in search results. Your icon should also stand out in a grid on your users device,feel attraction and converted into visitors to users. Now thats an added incentive to work hard on creating an eye- catching icon.

Once a visitors is at your apps page, you need to convert that visitors to a real user by convincing them to download your app. Screen shots are an essential tool to help turn visitors into user. Make sure that your screen shots are memorable, informative and exciting. They need to draw visitors’ eye to them, explain exactly what your app does and convey how easy your app is to use.

These are the essential points which should need to be cover before considering about the app to be launched. Because good start is half done. It need a better way to conceived then conceptualization and finally execution.

Post Launch :-

Finally you have launched your apps. While some app creators think this is the end of the task but exactly it is not, Its a beginning. Your next and the most important task is “Marketing Your App”. Marketing of your app can be done in two ways:-

> Organic Marketing

> Paid Marketing

If you are earning the downloads without paying anything for each one, comes under Organic Marketing besides that getting downloads by paying known Paid Marketing.

Some of the best ways to get downloads is organically. Spending money to get downloads is great but the reality is, not everyone can do so. So here how can get free downloads.

To know the organic app distribution program you need to first sign up for an analytics tools that will track your app and your competitors through the top charts and search rankings. A variety of analytical tools exist but the most prominent are appAnie and MobileDevHQ.

A high percentage download for new apps can be occur when those apps have been reviewed by app review sites or other earned media outlet (Technews, mainstream media, niche related press etc). It is important to reach out to these media outlet to increase number of downloads.

World of mouth is an another the most important way that new user can find your app. You have to do everything in your power to make it easy for your current users to share your app as well as content within your app. it’s also important to make sharing the app itself dead simple. The simpler you make sharing the app, the more users will engage in the process of sharing. This will increase the mouth publicity and you’ll get more downloads.

Encourage your users to rate and review your app, by this you’ll get to know the expectations of your users. What they really expect from your published apps.Its critical for your app’s success to receive as many 5 star ratings as possible. There are plenty of clever ways to encourage your users to rate your app. The most obvious is to simply ask for ratings from within the app as users are engaging with it.You can implement this request after they’ve spent a set amount of time using the app. But the question is arise that is it okay when a user rate our app its done now??No, think outside the box for interesting and potentially more effective ways to get your users to rate your app.Provide some add on feature which attract the user to rate the app.

Mobile is good and apps are amazing but the truth is the web still matters. Whenever somebody writes an article about your app, they’re likely to link to two places: your homepage on the web, and your app details page in app stores. Whenever a potential user searches Google for your app, They’ll find both your apps detail page and your homepage. This makes building a great web landing page a great too to convert web visitors into users. keep in mind that your app’s details page in the app store is very limited not too customized and rich but your web page should be the opposite rich, enjoyable and engaging.

Building an app is hard, and marketing an app is even harder. It requires a multiple approach that is a co-ordinated and coherent. Each of the steps above will contribute to a successfully marketed app. But none of them are silver bullets. You have to create a great app and consistently promote it through as many channels as possible.With a lot of work and little luck, you can build a massively successful mobile app that will drive your business forward.