The Android platform is gigantic and diverse. Launching an application and expecting it to become a hit without a well-defined marketing strategy is a poor decision. Hence, your app marketing strategy has to be such that it is attracts the target audience. Discoverability of application on Google play is a major hurdle in today’s time.

To create a winning marketing strategy, you must understand the various strategies you can use. There are actually three possible outcomes of an app- the Big Win, the Steady Win, and the No Win. Each app will fall into one of these categories.

Big Win/ Grand Slam application

Explosive sales are observed just after the launch of these apps. Usually games occupy large chunk of big win apps. Such apps aim at achieving quick sales with app low price .But, such apps have short life spans and last only a few weeks. Here,the marketing strategy should be such that the app gets press attention to grab larger target audience. With these kinds of applications you can make a large profit quickly but you have to survive the enormous competition.


The Steady Win/Base Hits application

 These apps require consistent marketing to back them up. These apps rely on app reviews, positive blog posts, etc. Usually, the apps under this category are the most successful. The major advantage in this category is that it generates consistent revenue and can be priced high. All kinds of apps can be a part of this category .But, it’s important to keep updating the app versions to keep the audience interested in the application. This strategy requires a lot of effort for marketing as well as in generating new updates for the application.


The No Win/Strikeout applications

 Large number of apps on the Android Market are Dead on arrival. Most of the times the reason for this is lack of marketing and poor quality of application .Sometimes, even very well written apps end up unnoticed and ignored due to poor  or no marketing.


If you have a well written application that has a market for it, then decide which marketing strategy is best for your app based on the type of app and the effort that you can put into its marketing. All you need is a great app supported by a correct marketing plan and success is yours.