Live wallpaper can make us feel better as they reflect our mood and if we choose it according to our mood can change our mood. Following are some beautiful themed rotating cube live wallpaper which will enhance the look of your Android screens:


1.Butterfly Cube Live Wallpaper:

[Image: eLUT1XReQ7RlNKo8tuufaOH4UCsPFC4JQwDexhZq...Z5-gN4id2s]

This live wallpaper has a beautiful butterfly rotating within a 3D Cube. The blue colored butterfly is a treat to all the onlookers. The lighting effect has been introduced on touch , thus on touching it gives a glow to the butterfly like shining in the night. Have a look of this beautiful application at:

2.Spin Fire Cube Live wallpaper:

[Image: _dQWX7ISivgtEvqEDAUnJNCmNHFycv4LYt24SJN9...XiNzOgTAxP]

The gyrating fire cube live wallpaper is flickering. This live wallpaper displays six faces of a cube with each face having a fiery image with the same in the background as well fading in and out. Get this beautiful application at:

3.Rotating Music Cube Live Wallpaper:

[Image: 6KCM3f-2dXe4_ebGAEa6R4DalO7HDORIrf4DE540...cs_4pHUJkQ]

The musical cube live wallpaper is very soothing. This live wallpaper displays musical notes fading in and out in the background. The shown Cube is rotating with six different faces including musical extravaganza and musical theme. Check this out at:

4.Magic 3D Cube Live Wallpaper:

[Image: Gr36vm_Blyq5hZDuFS-nvgb6jLBDDWajFul0PkoO...2sWFoNJZ9w]

Have a gyrating and rotating 3D spinning abstract cube live wallpaper for your android phone. This features a spinning cube with each edge having an awesome abstract HD graphics painted on it. Have this magical rotating cube at:

5.Nature Cube Live Wallpaper:

[Image: YiRcDba580CWlZkF2_7MNcPx4gtu3GPfrMztYNg_...mwz0jKHocM]

The gyrating nature cube live wallpaper is flickering. This live wallpaper displays six faces of a cube with each face displaying the images with one or other dimensions of nature with the green background fading in and out. Fill your screen with natural things at:

Enjoy Android apps!! 🙂