Go Locker is an app that has nice potential  however the actual fact that you just have to be compelled to install Go Launcher to access the app, makes it unbearable and nearly feel like bloatware. These apps has some nice options and a good features due to which more and more users are getting attracted towards it.

Got some amazing GO Locker themes to share:

Sai Baba HD GoLocker Theme:


Feel the spirit, force or blessing of Sai Baba on your Android mobile locker   screens.He was the one who spread love in the whole world with his simple and trite philosophy.

Sai baba legacy is still on among his ever growing number of followers. SaiBaba Go locker Theme is a multi-platform application that caters to the needs of 300 million devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba worldwide to receive the blessings of Sai Baba in their lifestyles through this GO Locker theme.

Get an opportunity to journey deeply into Sri Sai Baba, spend time in remembrance of our beloved Sadguru, and you can now approach with great zeal by using this amazing GO LOCKER screen in your Android Mobiles.

Downlaod this free GO Locker screen at:


Cute Cat GO LOCKER Theme:


Feel the cool refreshing summer in your Android mobile screen. Magic of sun, the fragrance of bright flowers and the tranquil fields of blue sky with a furry and soft fur cat wearing a cool sunglass gives a funny look and makes you feel relax and takes your thoughts away.

Imagine a walk through soothing meadows flowers, sweet sounds of nature and a gentle summer breeze by using this cool GO LOCKER screen at your Android mobiles. All cat lovers will enjoy and love this super cool amazing Go locker screen and will feel close to comfort. Feel it’s breathtaking, amazing and exotic essence of summer which will captivate you a lot.
Cool summer Go locker screen at your Android Mobiles are a good medium of feeling relief from summer’s heat. Check out this cool amazing full HD summer or cat themed go locker screen and download for free at: