1. Planning:– Social media needs a good planning. Set your goals, and develop a plan to achieve them. Coming up with can facilitate any small business improve their social media efforts and ultimately reach more people.

2. Use Other Social Networks:You all are focused only on Facebook and Twitter, but you forget about the   some other popular social network, try something different too. P interest, Linked-in, Instagram, and YouTube can help you reach more people.

3. Make Your Content Great:If you want that people like, comment, share, pin and tweet your post, you have to create a good post. content comes in many forms: blog, video and podcasts, however despite however. You create your content. It ought to be one thing your fans can appreciate and share with their follower and friends.

4. Respond to Fans & Followers:If someone responds to your post, check that to comment reciprocally. It always starts a conversation and a lot of your fans are probably to join you.

5. Ads:Start small ad campaigns via social media will assist you reach more peoples. Set a budget and run completely different campaigns to visualise what works best.