Any Software Development Life Cycle does not end with the mere development process. The software development project also goes through the software testing process before release. Software testing is not only important in the SDLC cycle but also important from the business point of view. According to statistics, 90% of users switch the app or software with others due to the poor quality of the application. That’s why an IT company highly relies on a software testing team to release a quality solution.

Before we delve into more details for QA outsourcing and testing, we should know about software testing.

What is QA Testing?

Quality assurance is the series of processes that assures the quality of a solution or product. Hereby, the QA software testing defines the quality of the process. This process verifies both business solutions as well as end-user requirements. The process of software testing comprises the verification of functionality, user experience, compatibility, scalability, and reliability of the solutions.

One of the major reasons to outsource the QA tasks can help to boost cost savings from 20% to 40%. It heavily depends upon the complexity of the process and capabilities of QA service partners. On the other hand, there always remains doubt regarding the ability to understand the market complexities specific to the industry to deliver promised services.

With all doubts and cons, we are still witnessing the growing demand for QA outsourcing. Their game testing needs highly skilled software testers who have their own nuances and challenges. Game development agencies are in constant need to find the right experts. This market is fast-growing both in terms of the number of gamers and devices where players are playing such games. This makes the scope of both game development and testing intensely. With the advancement of more technologies, the complexities of testing are widening.

Today, game developers and publishers need to ensure wider testing coverage, maintaining the high levels of quality of gaming solutions. An independent game testing company can be a great help to developers at a better cost than an internal testing team of the company. Here, we are detailing how an independent game testing company, Creatiosoft can help in testing your game.


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Why Should You Choose QA Outsourcing for Game Testing Services?

Gains access to The Experienced Team Of The Industry of Best Game Software Testers.

Game testing service companies offer to gain access to the best game testers in the industry. As these teams have experience working on multiple games of several genres and different platforms. Their credibility, experience, and wide perspective ensure that defects are identified and communicated at an early stage, enabling you to maintain high-quality standards.

Brings Complete Coverage With the Best Tools

By outsourcing QA testers, you gain access to the best tools, frameworks, technologies, and professionals trained on them. The game testing tools comprise Appium, Calabash, etc. Such outsourced game testers have all resources as well to leverage the maximum advantage. Today, project management tools and frameworks support software testing services companies to test the scenarios faster and more effectively.

Optimizes the Up-front and Ongoing Investments

The software testing process is time taking and resource-intensive activity. An experienced game testing personnel comes up with training on the best tools, platforms, and devices and has access to the best resources. This helps in focussing on the core processes and enhancing your business priorities and reducing costs for resource gathering.

Optimizes the Time For Faster Go-To-Market

With the best QA outsourcing company, you can optimize the software testing life cycle effectively. Even with competent developers, bugs can happen anytime. This marks the demand for QA professionals who test effectively, detect the bugs, and fix them. Although, this is a time taking process that’s why automation tools and frameworks can help reduce the time and manual effort. With the implementation of new transformation methods to reduce test efforts, risk-based testing, shift left, etc. Precisely, you can further reduce your release time.

Security of Code

With the best QA outsourcing services, developers or companies don’t have to share the coding details with the software testers. The sole purpose of QA outsourcing is to plan the unique testing scripts and work on several testing software. This not only ensures the delivery of seamless software and also maintains the confidentiality of the software code. This also assures no breach of Intellectual Property Rights.

These practices not only help the companies but also the firms offering software testing as a service. It helps them by gaining experience from working on several technologies and frameworks with several customers. This also gives a huge competitive edge by implementing the best practices across the industry.

With the growing dynamics of the modern gaming industry at a faster rate, game development agencies must consider a shift in their game testing planning. With the use of tools and relying on automation and data analytics, both software developers and QA Engineers are going to rise the competition.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can QA be outsourced?

Yes, QA outsourcing can be outsourced. The outsourcing of QA experts offers advanced test management, bug tracking, and test automation tools and technologies. It makes the entire software testing life cycle more faster and efficient.

2. Should I outsource QA?

Yes, You should outsource QA services for the following reasons when you 

  • Don’t want to invest in creating and training a QA team from scratch.
  • Don’t want to create a team of QA experts for short-term projects
  • Wants to save cost on gathering the tools and expertise for software testing.

3. How Can I Control The Progress of Testing?

You can track down the testing process with a bug tracking system. A bug tracking system helps in tracking down the results of our work. In this system, our experts mention and share the bug reports after each testing session. Jira, TRELLO, Redmine, and Gitlab are the most trusted bug tracking systems in Creatiosoft.

4. How Can I Communicate With Your Team?

For every outsourced expert, you need a reliable means of communication. At Creatiosoft, you can communicate with one QA expert of an outsourced team at a time. This also helps in establishing mutual trust. You can prefer the platform of your choice to set the communication, for example, Zoho, Slack, Zoom, Skype, etc.

5. How to Contact Creatiosoft for QA Outsourcing Services?

You can outsource QA experts to us by sending an email directly to [email protected]. You can call us or  WhatsApp at +91-8860912115. Also, you can fill in your details on the Contact Us page.